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Angola, NY


Rib eye steak and chicken fingers mixed together in a blend of spices. Hot, Medium, or Mild. Comes with lettuce, tomato, onion and provolone cheese. Available in whole only.

Whole $13.99
Full Sub | Bread Choice (Select 1):White Roll Wheat Roll
Toast my Sub/Wrap (Optional):Toast my Sub/Wrap Bake My Sub
Hot, Medium or Mild (Select 1):Hot Medium Mild Plain
Cheese (Select 1):American Pepper Jack +$1.25Feta +$1.25Cheddar Swiss +$1.25Provolone Swiss American Mozzarella Extra Cheese +$1
Sub Condiments:Mayo Sub Oil Bleu Cheese +$0.95
Sub Add Ons (Optional):Lettuce Tomato Onion Double Meat +$3Double Steak +$5Extra Cheese +$1Add Bacon +$2Extra Lettuce +$1Extra Tomatoes +$1Extra Onions +$1
Add Fries (Optional):Curly Fries +$2Straight Fries +$2