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Angola, NY


Cheese and Pepperoni

Whole $8.99
Full Sub | Bread Choice (Select 1):White Roll Wheat Roll
Toast my Sub/Wrap (Optional):Toast my Sub/Wrap Bake My Sub
Pizza Topping One Comes on Pizza (Select up to 1):Pepperoni Sausage Ham Bacon Green Pepper Onions Green Olives Black Olives Mushrooms Jalapeños Cherry Peppers (Hot) Banana Peppers
Calzone Stuffing Choices (Optional):Mushrooms +$1.50Sausage +$1.50Ham +$1.50Onions +$1.50Green Pepper +$1.50Green Olives +$1.50Black Olives +$1.50Bacon +$1.50Cherry Peppers (Hot) +$1.50Banana Peppers +$1.50Jalapeños +$1.50
Add Fries (Optional):Curly Fries +$2Straight Fries +$2

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